We are delighted to welcome you to Portland Golf Club and know your round will be more enjoyable when you join us in observing the traditions of our Club. We strive to provide a premier club setting and we appreciate our membership choosing to dress in a manner befitting the surroundings and quality of the Portland Golf Club. We value the respect our members and guests have for each other and for the atmosphere of the Club.

Proper Attire
Women may wear a sleeveless blouse with a collar or a collarless blouse with a shoulder section of at least three inches wide. Tank tops are not acceptable. The length of tailored shorts or skirts are to be no shorter than five inches above the knee. Men must wear a collared shirt at all times. A mock collar is acceptable. Golf shirts are to be tucked in at all times. Button down tailored shirts, such as Tommy Bahama, may be worn un-tucked. The length of tailored shorts must be at least mid thigh. Denim jeans are not acceptable. Caps worn on the course must be worn in the conventional manner (not reversed).  No hats are to be worn by males inside the clubhouse.

Pace of Play

Approximately four hours is sufficient time to complete a round of golf at Portland Golf Club. Your place on the course is behind the group in front of you- not in front of the group behind you.

The Open Hole Courtesy

When an entire hole opens ahead of your match, you must ask a faster group behind you to play through.

Four Cornerstones of Golf Etiquette

Play “ready golf”.
Remove all broken tees from the teeing ground.
Replace all divots and cover with sand mix.
Repair all ball marks found on a green.

Mobile Devices
The ringing of mobile phones and mobile phone conversations are a distraction to golfers. Therefore it is the policy at Portland Golf Club that the ringer or ring tone of all mobile devices must be set on silent or vibrate at all times. It is forbidden to use your phone in all food locations, the Pro Shop, all practice areas, tees and greens. Even in areas where mobile phone use is allowed, the spirit of our policy is that no one should ever hear a phone ring or ever have to hear anyone talking on the phone.

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